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Miguel Ángel Jenner (born June 2, 1952) is a distinctive voice actor among the Spanish voice industry thanks to, among other works, voicing most of Samuel L. Jackson's entire mothafucking career (save for Star Wars). He also voices most of Jean Reno and Ving Rhames' works. Jenner is known for his deep and husky voice, making a perfect candidate for Badass Baritone characters, is quite fluent in French as well and does many of his singing roles. He ocasionally makes live action acting in some Spanish productions.


He had also directed and adapted many dubs. Among these directed dubs, Pulp Fiction, Life Is Beautiful and The Lord of the Rings are his most well known and applauded works. Jenner is a Promoted Fanboy of J. R. R. Tolkien's books and when he was given the task of supervising the dub — with Peter Jackson's blessing no less —, he accepted with enthusiasm. In the dub he also voiced Gimli.

His sons, David and Michelle, are voice actors who made successful careers too. Michelle made herself a name as a live action actress, though she still does dubs.


Dubbing Roles

    Samuel L. Jackson 
Samuel L. Jackson is Miguel Ángel Jenner's most well known dubbed actor thanks to Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction. Many an Spaniard spectator will say, when any character voiced by Miguel Ángel Jenner appears onscreen, "hey, that's Samuel L. Jackson's voice". He had voiced Jackson religiously, including his appearances in Quentin Tarantino's filmography, though for reasons unknown, Jenner did not voice Mace Windu in Star Wars with the role going to fellow Badass Baritone Jordi Royo.

    Jean Reno 



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