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"I love music and I love singing, but I... it just wasn't what I wanted to do. I really love the story. So I kind of got into musical theatre, and then from there, I just got into film and TV acting."
Porretta, in an interview with Remedy Games fansite The Sudden Stop.

Matthew Charles Porretta (born May 29, 1965, in Darien, Connecticut) is an American actor best known for being the voice of Alan Wake.

Born into a family of singers, he spent much of his early career following in their footsteps studying music and becoming a singer on Broadway. Porretta would later choose to make a career in acting instead, having roles on both the big and small screen.

He would first become associated with Remedy Entertainment in 2010 when he played the voice of Alan Wake. He would go on to play the character, as well as several others, in most of Remedy's future projects.

Film and Television Roles:

Video Game Roles: