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Marwan Kenzari (born 16 January 1983 in The Hague, Netherlands) is a Dutch actor of Tunisian descent.

Kenzari is best known for portraying villainous Jafar in the 2019 remake of Disney's 1992 animated film Aladdin, itself an adaptation of the titular story from Arabian Nights. Upon being announced for the role, Kenzari quickly became noted as "Hot Jafar" on the Internet before the movie was actually released.

Prior to his international breakthrough, Kenzari was mostly known for acting in his native Netherlands, appearing in works like the police procedural Flikken Maastricht.

He made his English-language debut in the 2016 film Collide, followed by the remake of Ben-Hur and historical drama The Promise. He later appeared in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express and The Mummy, both in 2017.


Selected filmography:

Kenzari's life and career provide examples of:

  • Omniglot: Fluent in Dutch, Arabic, English, and French.
  • Playing Against Type: Inverted; despite being most well-known for playing a villain in Aladdin, he's actually played mostly good (or at least neutral) characters among his more notable works.


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