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María Concepción Alonso Bustillo (born 29 June 1957) is a Cuban-born, Venezuelan-raised American actress, singer, TV talk show host (1998's Al dia con Maria Conchita) and movie producer.

She is best known for her appearances in the movies Moscow on the Hudson, The Running Man and Colors.

Tropes associada con Maria Conchita Alonso:

  • Action Girl: In The Running Man and Predator 2.
  • Beauty Contest: Miss Teenager of the World in 1971, first runner up for Miss Venezuela in 1975 and placed in the top seven for Miss World in 1975.
  • Greatest Hits Album: A few, most notably Grandes Exitos de Maria Conchita Alonso.
  • Hospital Hottie: As the title character on the Venezuelan telenovela Alejandra.
  • Live Album: En Vivo- Mexico
  • Made-for-TV Movie:
    • Best Actress
    • Cuerpos Clandestinos
    • Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story
    • MacShayne: The Final Roll of the Dice
    • Texas
    • Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17
    • My Husband's Secret Life
  • Meaningful Name: Conchita is Spanish for "Little Shell," and her music publishing company is called Little Shell Music.
  • Mrs. Robinson: A dark version in Caught, due to her being married and the film's weird Freudian subtexts.
  • Ms. Fanservice:
    • Many of her movies involve nudity and/or a sex scene or, at least, some kind of lingerie (A Fine Mess, Acts of Betrayal, Cuerpos Clandestinos, Vampire's Kiss.)
    • Her 1992 album Imagíname has several examples of this as well. The first line of the chorus of the title track is "Imagíname desnuda en tu cama imagíname," which is Spanish for "Imagine me naked in your bed imagine me." The CD booklet has the lyric sheet printed over a close-up picture of her using her arm to barely cover her breasts, with a slight hint of her left nipple visible. There is also a more complete picture of this, complete with her jeans unbuttoned and her black panties visible. The back cover of the CD jewel box is a blue-tinted picture of her topless and covering herself with a guitar.
    • Back in the 1980s, some writer semi-famously described her as "half out of her mind, half out of her dress."
    • She seems to be this in Real Life too. She was featured in the "Least Dressed" section of People Magazine's "Best, Worst and Least Dressed" issue, September 18, 2000, and was quoted as saying, "I love to wear outfits that feel like I have nothing on."
  • Omniglot: Speaks 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.
  • Pregnant Badass: In Predator 2.
  • Reality Show: Viva Hollywood
  • Romantic Comedy: Moscow On The Hudson and A Fine Mess.
  • Silly Love Songs: Most if not all of her songs fall into this category.
  • Spicy Latina
  • Start My Own: Record label (Ambar Entertainment), production company (Ambyth Productions), fashion line ("Soy" [Spanish for "I am."])
  • The Talk Show with Host Name: Al dia con Maria Conchita.
  • "Yo Soy" Cancion: "Soy Tu Mujer"