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Marco Guadagno (born December 19th, 1960) is an Italian voice actor. He is the brother of voice actress Francesca Guadagno and the ex-husband of voice actress Lorena Bertini.

Some of his voice acting roles include:


Films Animation

Films Live Action

Live-Action TV

Western Animation

His works provide examples of:

  • invoked Throw It In: When dubbing Brainy in The Smurfs (1981), he improvised "Che è meglio!" ("That's better!") at the end of one of Brainy's rants, and that wasn't in the original dub. The director liked it and it ended up becoming Brainy's Catchphrase in the Italian dub, sometimes switching to "That's worse!", depending on the situation. Marco decided to keep using the Catchphrase even in the live-action films, because Italians still associate Brainy with that line.