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Daughter of two Cuban political exiles, Maggie C.A. Hogarth was born a foreigner in the American melting pot and has had a fascination for the gaps in cultures and the bridges that span them ever since. She has been many things—web database architect, product manager, technical writer and massage therapist—but is currently a full-time parent, artist, writer and anthropologist to aliens, both human and otherwise.

Her fiction has variously been recommended for a Nebula, a finalist for the Spectrum, placed on the secondary Tiptree reading list and chosen for two best-of anthologies; her art has appeared in Role Playing Games, magazines and on book covers.

She achieved five minutes of internet fame when Games Workshop had one of her novels temporarily pulled from Amazon over trademark infringement of the term "Space Marine".

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Works without pages include examples of:

  • Pronoun Trouble: Thief of Songs features a fantasy human culture with four genders: male, female, hermaphrodite, and neuter. Hermaphrodites use the pronoun "en" while neuters are "it".