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"Do not read too much Lionel Fanthorpe at one go. Your brains will turn to guacamole and drip out of your ears."

Robert Lionel Fanthorpe (February 9, 1935) is a (former) Anglican priest and science fiction writer. He wrote numerous pulp fiction novels, predominantly for the British publisher Badger Books throughout the 60s and 70s, almost all of them under various pseudonyms including Bron Fane, Leo Brett, Lionel Roberts and John E. Muller (a pen name he shared with another Badger author of the period, John Glasby). Reverend Fanthorpe would dictate his stories, stream of conscious style, into a tape recorder, and then his wife Patricia Fanthorpe or another family member or friend would type them as manuscripts to be sent in to the publisher.

Some selected works by Lionel Fanthorpe include: