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Lexis Numérique (1990-2014) was a Paris and Marseilles, France-based video game publisher and developer of video games, with a primary focus on adventure games and games toward younger audiences.

The company mysteriously disappeared in 2014, with its last published game being 2012's AMY.

Video games published and/or developed by Lexis Numérique:

  • Alt-Minds
  • AMY
  • Bakteria
  • Champion Dreams: First to Ride
  • Ener-G Horse Riders (a.k.a. Petz: Horses)
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  • Ener-G Dance Squad (a.k.a. Imagine: Modern Dancer)
  • Evidence: The Last Ritual
  • The Experiment
  • Hack Works
  • Imagine: Animal Doctor
  • Imagine: Fashion Designer
  • Learning With the PooYoos: Episode I
  • Learning With the PooYoos: Episode II
  • Learning With the PooYoos: Episode III
  • Metropolis Crimes
  • Missing: Since January
    • Missing: The 13th Victim
  • Mr. Slime Jr.
  • Red Johnson's Chronicles
  • Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All
  • Surfacer
  • Tales of Elastic Boy - Mission 1
  • wag


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