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Lewis Trondheim (born Laurent Chabosy, 11 December 1964) is a French comics creator and cartoonist, known for being insanely prolific and drawing over 100 titles. He's been on hiatus from comic-making since 2004, partly as burnout from said insane workload.

His real name is Laurent Chabosy, and his Pen Name comes from the Norwegian city of Trondheim. His explanation for this was that "as a last name I wanted to use a city's name, but Lewis Bordeaux or Lewis Toulouse didn't sound so good."

His works include:

  • Les formidables aventures de Lapinot a/k/a The Spiffy Adventures of McConey, a satirical fantasy series where all the characters are animals. He chose this style since Furries Are Easier to Draw.
  • Donjon a/k/a Dungeon, co-written by Trondheim and Johann Sfar, a series dealing with a Dungeons & Dragons-style dungeon through three time periods. Not to be confused with Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk.
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  • Kaput & Zosky, adapted later into an animated series.
  • La Mouche a/k/a The Fly, initially a Japanese-only comic, then redrawn from scratch in French. Adapted into a cartoon named Fly Tales, presumably to prevent confusion with the David Cronenberg movie.