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Who or what is Leviathan-Eternal? It's a small community note  that mostly focuses in creating video games and other media. Currently they're note  is working on a game engine and their first publication, despite the hardships the man in charge note , Leviathan 278 is experiencing.

They can be found here!

The folks at L-E are working on when time permits...

    Games publicly available 

Verisimilitude: Prototype (

The main focus of the developers, this game is an RPG designed with older classics in heart. Still rather early in development.

Verisimilitude: Prototype (

The current version that is available for testing. Supporters and testers are able to play, but it isn't the most stable.


    Games publicly unavailable 

Lost In Space (

A side scrolling shooter Protip: Don't turn the ship

Matter ( note 

A game of absorbing balls smaller than yours and avoiding larger ones. The balls obey laws of gravity and attract each other.

Virtual Velocity Prototype (

Actionscript version, presumed to have same plot as the Unity version

Virtual Velocity Deuterotype (

This entry concerns the Unity version.

Virtual Velocity

Plot expected to be same as with the prototypes


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