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Lee Min Ho is one of the most famous Koreans in the acting and modeling industry. After earning a breakthrough in his career with the popular Korean drama Boys Before Flowers, Min Ho has become a popular male lead. He's prominently known as his roles for the stereotypical rich kid, but he can also be a bad-ass action star, the leader of the royal guard, and even a closeted gay man.

He has also debuted as a singer after singing the track My Everything from the Boys Before Flowers soundtrack. Since then, he has released two albums.

He also has active social contributions, such as being the Honorary Ambassador for UNICEF's Love Net campaign to fight malaria (2009–2010) and being PR Ambassadors for Korean Tourism Campaign (2015), Visit Korea Year 2016–2018 (November 7, 2015), and many more.

Though a lot of fans ship him with Boys Before Flowers leading lady Geum Jan Di or The Heirs leading lady Park Shin Hye, he started dating his City Hunter co-star Park Min-young. After a few months, they ended their relationship. In March 2015, it was confirmed that he and singer Suzy are in a relationship.


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