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Laura Resnick (born August 17, 1962) is an American fantasy author. She also wrote romance novels under the pen name Laura Leone. She is best known for her Esther Diamond series, which is described by SF Signal as "horror-detective-comedy-fantasy". She has also written a media tie-in novel, The Purifying Fire, based on Magic: The Gathering.

In addition to novels, she is a prolific short-story writer.

She is the daughter of sci-fi writer Mike Resnick.

Works with a page on this wiki:

Selected other works:

  • A Blonde in Africa (non-fiction)

As Laura Leone:

  • One Sultry Summer
  • The Black Sheep
  • Sleight of Hand

Tropes in her other works:

  • Pink Elephants: Invoked in the short story "Dave the Mighty Steel-Thewed Avenger". Dave is a law student coming home after a night out. When he meets a large rodent which stands up on its hind legs and starts trying to tell him about his destiny, his first thought is "did this mean that two beers were enough to give me alcohol poisoning? Should I proceed immediately to the campus medical center and check myself into the detox unit?"

Alternative Title(s): Laura Leone