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Lacewood Productions was a Canadian animation studio.

Lacewood has its roots in Atkinson Film-Arts, the producers of The Raccoons. A dispute with the producers made one of the producers found his own studio, Hinton Animation Studios, where the rest of The Raccoons was produced. Unfortunately, there was one problem: founders Kevin Gillis and Sheldon Wiseman kept jumping debts, and the studio was forced to reorganize as Lacewood Productions. Under this new name, Lacewood produced animated series based on For Better or for Worse, Monster Force, The Savage Dragon cartoon and animation for a number of Season 1 episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Eventually, they were consumed by Paragon Entertainment Corporation, leaving them out of the business (and in turn, Paragon later closed). However, Sheldon Wiseman later founded a new studio that continues to operate today, Amberwood Entertainment. The preschool series Katie and Orbie, originally produced by Lacewood, was acquired by Amberwood and continued production under them, along with other series such as Pumper Pups, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, Rob the Robot and Rollbots.


Shows and movies worked on by Lacewood:

  • The Admiral and the Princess
  • The Birthday Dragon
  • Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf
  • Flash Gordon (1996) (layouts/storyboards)
  • For Better or for Worse specials:
    • "The Last Camping Trip"
    • "A Christmas Angel"
    • "A Valentine From the Heart"
    • "The Good-For-Nothing"
    • "The Babe Magnet"
    • "A Storm in April"
  • Happy Birthday Bunnykins
  • Katie and Orbie
  • Monster Force
  • The Nutcracker Prince
  • Problem Child ( season 2)
  • The Railway Dragon
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show (6 shorts) List 
  • Samba et Leuk le lièvre
  • The Savage Dragon
  • The Teddy Bears' Christmas
  • The Teddy Bears' Picnic
  • The Teddy Bears' Scare
  • Tooth Fairy, Where Are You?
  • Vor Tech
  • The Wish That Changed Christmas (assistant animation)
  • The Woman Who Raised a Bear as Her Son


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