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MsBreezy is a Youtuber producing Garry's Mod content and who used to produce Minecraft content, such as Newbies. She used to film with Br3ton and SexyHotTub when originally producing minecraft content which she has long since moved on from, but now films mostly with her boyfriend Xycron and their posse including Piemations. She is well known for producing lots of Gmod content on her youtube channel consisting of skits and other improv.When she was originally producing Minecraft content she could be occasionally seen taking part in Let's Play Survival Games with Sky Does Minecraft or TrueMU.


The trope section of this page is for MsBreezy and all of her work aside from Newbies. Newbies has its own Trope page now, but this one Needs Wiki Magic Love.


  • Artifact Title: "Kuledud3" is no longer the name of her channel or online ID in general as of 2017.
  • Blatant Lies: She openly denies being a brony when people mention it in her Splaturday videos, usually while wearing and holding vast amounts of My Little Pony merchandise. She even uses a Brony player model in Gmod.
  • Catchphrase: "Hello, my sexy blawks!" "CYAAAA!" "Bye!", and more recently, "Yeah!"
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: It shows in her work.
  • Creator Cameo: She does this several times in her Machinimas, her character is usually recognized as the director and referred to by name.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: She adds a few strange background characters in most of her Machinimas, most notably Herobrine.
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  • Obligatory Swearing: Did you really have to say the F word three times in that sentence? Oh yeah, Rule of Funny.
  • Orphaned Series: An improv Machinima where the audience said what happens in the next episode through YouTube comments was abandoned to make way for Newbies.
  • Random Events Plot: To say the least, this is how most of her Machinimas are written. One extreme example is from her swimming school Minecraft Machinima when the instructed tells them that she will "show them how the professionals do it." She climbs to the top of the diving board, jumps off, then a gigantic fish bursts out of the water, swallows her (presumably), and destroys the building with a giant explosion. The fish is then seen floating above the city and destroying buildings with lazer beams.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: She's a brony and is proud of it. Ultimately subverted though due to her being transgender.
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  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Breezy can't seem to go through a video longer than one minute without dropping the F-Bomb. She also uses other profane frames and just plane strange phrases, such as 'Holy torch tits!' For little to no reason at all.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Half of her Machinimas end in everything blowing to kingdom come, usually with little to no explanation.
  • Take That Me: She pokes fun at her own laziness for laughs.
    • In a video explaining that she had been inactive for a month for no real reason at all, she said, "Can you believe that? Can you believe how much of a dickhead I am?"
    • "Part three coming in seven years.'' Was seen after the credits in the Herobrine part two special of Newbies.
  • Something Completely Different: Her second channel (named Kuleboobs) was a place for her to upload things that were so strange that she didnt put them on her normal channel. Considering how weird her normal work is, you can guess how weird this stuff was.
  • Transgender: Came out in 2016.


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