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Kenneth Leslie Tigar (born September 24, 1942 in Chelsea, Massachusetts) is an American character actor of stage and screen He is best known for Primal Fear, The Man in the High Castle, The Post, and for his appearances on Barney Miller.

.Tigar got into acting while attending Harvard University, where he was studying German. He has worked as a translator as well.

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Tropes associated with Kenneth Tigar:

  • Irony As He Is Cast: Despite being Jewish, he has repeatedly played Nazis, including both The Man in the High Castle and Hunters. His background in the German language may have helped with this.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: He appeared in six episodes of Barney Miller, and in all but one his character was of this trope. Once Tigar's character claimed to be a werewolf, once he was Jesus, once there was a poltergeist in his apartment, once he was a psychic, and once he was possessed by the Devil. Each time, the detectives assume that he's a loon, only to start wondering if it's true.