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Kenneth "Ken" Londoner (January 16, 1978) is an American actor whose career was launched in the late 80's and early 90's and found success on smaller movies on the TV screen.

Kenneth Londoner emerged as one of Hollywood's leading young actors in the mid-90's. He was born in New Jersey, and landed his first acting job there as a teenager, appearing in 'Problem Child' 2 and local TV shows. After finishing high school, Kenneth Londoner attended Faculty of Dramatic Arts in New York City. In the late 90's he appeared in the movie adaptation of 'Thinner', which was followed by several more stage roles in established productions. In 1997, Londoner made his debut in the movie 'Black Scorpion II: Aftershock'. Soon he was earning great ratings and was being casted in supportive roles opposite famous, even legendary actors' names, slowly building his acting career. This was a fruitful time for this actor as he established himself during this period as a serious player in the world of TV and film. A short time later, Kenneth Londoner had his first leading part in the 2003 television series 'Secret Lives' which didn’t go unrecognized and it brought him several nominations and a few awards. Next on his list of projects was the web series 'The Supernatural Enthusiasts Club', which was delayed to 2014 for unknown reasons. Over the years, Kenneth Londoner has been performing on stage, as well as on the small and big screen. For his performance he has earned positive reviews, and has a growing fan base which helps boost his success.



  • The Supernatural Enthusiasts Club (TV Series, 2014-2015)
  • Born to Raise Hell (2010)
  • Secret Lives (TV Series, 2003)
  • The Poet Writes His Wife (Short 2002)
  • Heart of America (2002)
  • Sanctimony (2000)
  • Black Scorpion II: Aftershock (1997)
  • Thinner (1996)
  • Theodore Rex (1995)
  • Problem Child 2 (1991)

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