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Katherine "Kate" Kiernan Mulgrew (born April 29, 1955 in Dubuque, Iowa) is an American actress best known for her roles on Star Trek: Voyager, Orange Is the New Black and Ryan's Hope.

She was married to Robert H. Egan and Tim Hagan and she has three children.

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  • Career Resurrection: Her first high-profile project was the starring role in Mrs. Columbo, one of the most notorious TV bombs of its era. She struggled a bit after that, but Star Trek: Voyager quickly restored her reputation.
  • The Danza: Captain Janeway, who'd initially been envisioned with the first name 'Elizabeth', then 'Nicole' at initially cast Geneviève Bujold's request was rechristened 'Kathryn', a variation on Mulgrew's given name 'Katherine' at her suggestion.