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Karl Schroeder (born September 4, 1962) is a Canadian Sci-Fi author. His works are mostly set in the very far future, featuring technology so advanced it might as well be magic.

His novels include:

  • Ventus, and its prequel Lady of Mazes: Set in a universe of nanotechnology and ubiquitious AI. Ventus is about a terraformed planet where the nanotech has gone rogue, while Lady of Mazes is a distant prequel that sets up the future history in Ventus.
  • The Virga series: Technically set within the same universe as Ventus, but is a stand-alone series. The title Virga is a "world" that consists of endless sky...nearly. It's actually a 5000-mile wide fullerene bubble filled with air, complete with artificial fusion-powered "suns", clouds, and a smattering of asteroids— and no gravity. The series focuses on the steam-punk society that lives inside.
    • Sun of Suns
    • Queen of Candesce
    • Pirate Sun
    • The Sunless Countries
    • Ashes of Candesce
  • Permanence: A stand-alone novel in a separate universe. Explores the idea of a space-faring civilization that uses slower-than-light "Cyclers" - vast trade/cargo ships that slingshot between stars in a continous loop.
  • Lockstep: Set in a Mundane Dogmatic universe, where it takes decades just to talk to other stars, an interstellar civilization maintains a program of "Lockstep" whereby all its distant colonies go into stasis/hibernation for set periods of time in order to keep the whole civilization synced up.