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Tomek, Łukasz, Darek and Aśka
After good old kabaret Potem croaked (in 1999, see website), some members felt a deep longing for making people laugh with real funny weirdness.

So what did they do?

Founded a new cabaret, of course!

Comprising of the legendary female element Joanna Kołaczkowska, the mad mastermind Dariusz Kamys, the much picked-upon pianist Łukasz Pietsch and the utterly sexy Tomasz Majer,note  "Hrabi" has been absurdly funny since 2002.

Their programs:

  • Demo: various sketches, sort of a warm-up or foreshadowing for the next programmes
  • Terapiatranslation : about emotions, with a therapy group as Framing Device
  • Dracula: a merry romp along the Sliding Scale of Comedy and Horror, full of vampires, ghosts and ladies from the tax office
  • Pojutrzetranslation : what will the future be like?
  • Kobieta i mężczyznatranslation : Mars and Venus Gender Contrast
  • Syf i malariatranslation : written by Władysław Sikora of the old Potem, self-parody
  • Pienia i jękitranslation : a bunch of fan-favourite songs from the older programmes
  • Savoir vivre: a manners lesson turned on its head
  • Co jest śmiesznetranslation : a serious scientific analysis of what makes us laugh
  • Gdy powiesz TAKtranslation : marriage (mawwiage?)
  • Bez wąsówtranslation : a special programme for kids - no moustache appears in it
  • Lubię totranslation : collection of fan-favourites
  • Tak, że otranslation : simple and self-referential return to the source
  • Aktorem w płottranslation : made together with the Kabaret Jurki

Their website (in Polish) can be found here.

If you can find any tropes in their sketches, they would be: