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KAZe Co., Ltd. (カゼ・ネット) is a Video Game company located in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan, and best known for their realistic video pinball games.

The company was founded in February 1987, initially releasing action games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. indulging in their love of Pinball games, they released Super Pinball: Behind The Mask in 1993, which became a surprise hit.

Buoyed by success, KAZe changed their focus entirely on pachinko and pinball games, culminating in the highly acclaimed Last Gladiators and Necronomicon for the Sega Saturn. Unfortunately, while pinball fans praised their titles, the mass market moved to other areas, and KAZe was not able to keep up with the public's changing tastes. The company tried to adapt by shifting to licensed games and cell phone games, with mixed results.


Today, KAZe focuses primarily on web development and IT consulation, with cell phone software as a secondary business. The official company website is here.

Video Games developed by KAZe include:


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