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Jus Sonic is a fanfiction author famous for creating "parodies" or "fanmakes" (actually crossover Film Fics, not just for movies, but for video games, and television specials/episodes). He was an author on Fan Fiction Dot Net from 2001 to 2013, and he can still be found on Deviant Art, among many other places.

TV Tropes pages for this author include:

  • Can't Take Criticism: A sad example. Although he has written up to 100 stories (all of which important and spread across three different writers), several fans find it difficult to follow his stories. Although he has been offered advice and feedback, he refuses to take it into account, stating he writes for fun. As a result of this attitude, two of his writers have left his MLP styled extended universe.

  • Small Name,Big Ego: And how! He frequently takes ideas from people in the comments and not credit them. He also called himself a genius and considers Fan Fiction idiots for letting him go.

  • Writing By The Edgeof Your Pants: His go to method of writing. Although he has been cited to say he has a plan, there is very little evidence from the man to justify. When asked, he simply says he has a plan.

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