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Julia Anne Sweeney (born October 10, 1959 in Spokane, Washington) is an American actress, comedian, and author best known for Saturday Night Live, Stuart Little, Father of the Pride, Shrill, and Work In Progress.

She has been married twice, first to Stephen Hibbert, then to Michael Blum, and she has one child (who is actually adopted from China, as Sweeney had a rare form of ovarian cancer that called for a hysterectomy and now can't naturally have kids. For more information on this tragic tale, watch her one-woman show, God Said Ha!).


Also, despite sharing the same last name, she is not related to Terry Sweeney, Saturday Night Live's first openly gay male cast membernote  and writer from the 1985-1986 season.

Julia Sweeney's most popular characters include Pat (an androgynous person who confuses people about whether he or she is a man or a woman), Sandy (one of the office workers in Rob Schneider's "Makin' Copies" sketches), and Dame Sarah Kensington (a panelist on the British acting roundtable show Theater Stories). Her celebrity impressions include Katey Sagal (as Peg Bundy from Married...With Children), Chelsea Clinton (Bill and Hillary's daughter), Dana Plato, Nancy Sinatra, Naomi Judd, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Kate Pierson from The B-52s, Jane Pauley, Joan Embery, Susan Sontag, and Tabitha Soren.


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