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John Peel (30 August 1939 25 October 2004), born John Ravenscroft, was an English DJ and presenter. He was one of the longest-serving presenters on BBC Radio 1, serving from 1967 until his sudden death in 2004. In this role, he was one of the most influential figures in the British music industry.

Peel was widely eclectic. Soon after joining Radio 1 he was one of the first D Js to play Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock. He went on to play rock, pop, reggae, metal, hip hop, electronic, noise and every genre in between. He frequently plumbed the scenes outside the mainstream in search of new sounds. The vast majority of the records he played had never been played on radio before. He helped popularise not just hundreds of artists, but also whole genres.

Had someone recorded a new track anywhere on the planet? Chances are good John Peel played it. Possibly at the wrong speed by mistake, but preferring it that way after playing it again at the proper speed.

Quintessential British example of The Last DJ