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"They thought that I could play this part and my agent said I should do it. I was a good boy and I always do what my agents says."

John Clive, (6 January 1933 — 14 October 2012), was a British actor.

He started his career at 14 on stage and soon developed a reputation as a reliable character actor who could play both straight and comedic. In The '60s, he moved onto voice acting, TV, and films, notably playing Old in The Gnomes of Dulwich in 1969.

In the late seventies, he began to write books. His first, KG 200, was an international best-seller. He followed this up with The Last Liberator, Barossa, Broken Wings, Ark and The Lions' Cage.

He died after a short illness at the age of 79.

Works on TV Tropes he appeared in:


  • Z Cars, 2 episodesshow list  (1967) — Fred
  • The Saint, episode "A Double in Diamonds" (1967) — Garton
  • Man in a Suitcase, episode "Sweet Sue" (1967) — Clerk
  • The Gnomes of Dulwich, 5 episodesshow list  (1969) — Old
  • The Sweeney, episode "Big Brother" (1975) — John Frewin
  • Rising Damp, 2 episodes:
    • "The Good Samaritans" (1977) — Samaritans
    • "Fire and Brimstone" (1978) — Gwyn
  • Screen One, episode "One Way Out" (1989) — Prudoe
  • CASUAL+Y, episode "Deceptions" (1993) — Richard
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, episode "Prague, August 1917" (1993) — Very Thin Man