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"(A) society that seems to consist solely of muscular warriors, voluptuous barmaids/peasant girls, and evil minor nobility bugs me, so I try to avoid it."
On cliches in High Fantasy world building.

Joel Rosenberg (May 1, 1954 June 2, 2011) was a Canadian-American High Fantasy and Science Fiction author most famous for his Guardians of the Flame series, where a group of tabletop roleplaying gamers are suddenly transported into the world of the game, with serious consequences both there and at home. He also collaborated with Raymond E. Feist on a single book in the The Riftwar Cycle.

Outside of his writing, Rosenberg was also a gun rights advocate, stemming from a hate mail incident where a Neo-Nazi sent threatening letters to him which included detailed descriptions of his home (Rosenberg was Jewish). He suspected this was due to his Thousand Worlds series about Badass Israeli mercs IN SPACE!, though it was never shown for sure what the motive was or who the stalker had been.

Rosenberg, a diabetic, died after suffering a major respiratory depression attack at the age of just fifty seven.

Not to be confused with Joel C. Rosenberg, who's a different (living) author.


Guardians of the Flame

  1. The Sleeping Dragon (1983)
  2. The Sword and the Chain (1984)
  3. The Silver Crown (1985)
  4. The Heir Apparent (1987)
  5. The Warrior Lives (1988)
  6. The Road to Ehvenor (1991)
  7. The Road Home (1995)
  8. Not Exactly the Three Musketeers (1999)
  9. Not Quite Scaramouche (2001)
  10. Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda (2003)

Keepers of the Hidden Ways

  1. The Fire Duke (1995)
  2. The Silver Stone (1996)
  3. The Crimson Sky (1998)

Thousand Worlds

  1. Ties of Blood and Silver (1984)
  2. Emile and the Dutchman (1985)
  3. Not for Glory (1988)
  4. Hero (Metzada Mercenary Corps)|Hero (1990)


  1. D'Shai (1991)
  2. Hour of the Octopus (1994)
  3. The Last Assassin (not yet published)

Mordred's Heirs (incomplete series)

  1. Paladins (2004)
  2. Knight Moves (November 2006)

Sparky Hemingway

  1. Home Front (2003)
  2. Family Matters (2004)

The Riftwar Cycle


  • Badass Israeli: The Thousand Worlds series follows the exploits of a Jewish mercenary corps from the Jewish colony world of Metzada.