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Joel Reynolds is a short story writer, mostly comics for friends and personal projects. He has a web comic under wraps that may not be out for a while but has many character and stories already established

All of Joel's stories take place in one universe over multiple times lines and one major Alternate Universe. The overall works tend to get darker and darker with almost every single character dying at some point. The fatality rate on-screen hovers around 70%, but as many stories come years and years after previous stories, the death rate is 100% for all characters. The deaths are usually unexpected, grisly, terror-inducing and happen to the most lovable and kindest characters you can imagine. The stories are mostly character heavy and focus on their personal growth or decline. Many enjoy Deconstruction and Inverted Trope.


A Webcomic is in the wood works, titled, Summer of Veneficus, about magic, and how irresponsible people are with unlimited power.

Tropes Found in Joel's Works

Demon Hunter's Academy

The HeroJake
The LancerTera
The Big GuyMara
The Smart GuyBerryl
The ChickWeb
  • 2nd Generation
The HeroHorace
The LancerSam
The Big GuyNick
The Smart GuyDavid
The ChickJill


Blood Letter Arc

  • Angsty Surviving Twin: After She kills Rene'e, Tilina becomes even more cut off from her emotions than before. She is often shown missing her sister and wishing for what might have been...
  • Blood Magic: The main premise of the arc. Two twins with the same power, to manipulate blood, are brought to the academy.

Summer of Veneficus


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