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Joe Richardson is a London, UK musician, animator, and indie game developer.

Official website; official Twitter.

List of Games

  • Unnecessary Sentience: A freeware point-and-click adventure, originally created for the Newgrounds Construct 2030 Jam. Tells the tale of a soldier in war.
  • The Preposterous Awesomeness Of Everything: A satirical point-and-click adventure game about progress, politics and propulsive nozzles. Tells the tale of an islander caught in a cycle of incompetence.
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  • Four Last Things: A Renaissance-inspired adventure focusing on Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. Tells the tale of a man seeking to commit all of The Seven Deadly Sins so that the local Corrupt Church, which is too busy to deal with ordinary regrets, will absolve him.
  • The Procession To Cavalry: A Spiritual Successor to Four Last Things. Tells the tale of a man hunting down an escaped tyrant.

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