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Joe Oriolo working at Fleischer Studios, c. 1939-1941.

Joseph Oriolo (February 21, 1913 – December 25, 1985) was an animator, writer, director and producer, known as the co-creator of Casper the Friendly Ghost and the creator of the made-for-TV revival of Felix the Cat.

Initially worked as an animator for Fleischer Studios and its successor Famous Studios. He also apprenticed under Otto Messmer on the Felix the Cat comic books, eventually taking up art duties on it when Otto retired from it around 1954. When he jumpstarted his own cartoon studio, he managed to license the Felix the Cat character from the Pat Sullivan estate and create the now-iconic made-for-TV revival of the character. Eventually, Joe bought out the series from Sullivan's estate and licensed out the series up to his death in 1985.

His son, Don Oriolo, inherited the Felix character from him. Don originally wanted his dad to direct the Movie adaptation of Felix, but Joe refused due to his old age and health making him unfit to do it, so he gave Don the responsibility of doing it.




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