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Jiří Kulhánek is a Czech fiction author who gained notoriety and a cult following as a master of Sociopathic Hero.


  • Vládci strachu (Rulers of Fear), 1995
  • Cesta krve (Blood Path), 1996
    • Část I - Dobrák (Part I - Good Guy), 1996
    • Část II - Cynik ("Part II - Cynic), 1997
    • "Kat" ("The Hangman")note 
  • Divocí a zlí (The Wild and Cruel), 1999
    • Čas mrtvých (Time of the Dead), 1999
    • Hardcore, 1999
    • Temný prorok (Dark Prophet), 2000
    • Kříže (Crosses), 2000
  • Noční klub (The Night Club), 2002
  • Stroncium (Strontium), 2006
  • Vyhlídka na věčnost (Expecting Eternity), 2011

Short stories

  • Smrt je nejlepší lékař ("Death is the best doctor") – published in brochure Zámek naděje (Castle of Hope), 1994
Je 7:00, pro dnešek nejvyšší čas zabít svého prvního policajta ("It's 7:00, high time to kill my first cop today"), 1994 – entree into universum of Divocí a zlíSoumrak ("Dusk"), 1995Koruna věčnosti ("Crown of eternity") – short story about Conan the Barbarian, 1996Povídky ("Short stories"), 2007

Tropes pertaining to Kulhánek's works:

  • Creator Thumbprint: Pick any Kulhánek novel; chances are, it begins with The Hero, a superhuman, getting assaulted by the villains, forcing him to seek refuge amongst normal folk.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Vládci strachu ("Rulers of Fear") and Cesta krve ("The Path of Blood") are hopelessly out of print and not likely to be reissued.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Any blood suffices and only about once per month. They don't mind sun or holy symbols or pretty much anything except silver. And there is no emo ansgt. Their enemies are "Alchemists", augmented humans that hunt and enslave vampires.