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I will bring out the ugliness of your nature, the darkest aspects of your character, so that they might be burned away. That through blood, sacrifice, and fire, you might be reborn.

"Around age 14, I found this webcomic I really liked and decided Iíd become an animator (—for some reason? I donít remember what the connection was to be honest). I even got a little into the flash animation scene, attempting at least once to make an animated web series, before realizing animating kinda takes a long time. But that webcomic resparked an interest in comic making and drawing in general. So thanks for that, James. Look what youíve done."

Jeinu is a professional, self-taught artist and writer living in the United States.

Works created by Jeinu include:

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Uh, he has a dog also. Her name is Coriander.