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Chaos reigns!
Man in a Hurry, Black Friday

Jeff Blim is one of the members of the group known as Team Starkid.

An acquaintance of the StarKids during their years at Michigan that joined the group after college and has since become one of the troupe's lead actors and writers.

Tropes that apply to this actor include:

  • The Cast Showoff: Played a sweet saxophone solo in The Trail to Oregon!.
  • Old Shame: Got hit with some fandom backlash over this when a video of "Unsung Starkid" leaked, a concert he performed of songs he'd submitted for previous Starkid shows that were rejected for their over-the-line offensive content (which, it turned out, weren't any less offensive to fans online when presented in that context).
  • Real-Life Relative: Jon Matteson stayed with him as a roommate for a while when he moved to LA permanently after the success of TGWDLM; their relationship became the inspiration for Jeff's Web Video series Rim Tim Timmy's Funtime Hour.
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  • Slasher Smile: Known for his trademark Slasher Smile, which has been alternately compared to Jim Carrey or Jack Nicholson.
  • Those Two Actors: He's been paired with Rachael Soglin in two back-to-back roles, in Twisted! and The Trail to Oregon!, as the Princess and Aladdin and the Father and Mother.
  • Typecasting: Whether he's playing an intense cloudcuckoolander or an outright psychopath, Jeff usually plays a high-energy, manic lunatic. There's a reason the fandom has dubbed him a "chaos deity."
  • Vocal Range Exceeded: Any song written by Jeff will inevitably be loaded with high notes that most male singers will struggle to hit, resulting in most of the male cast members of The Trail to Oregon! and the Hatchetfield franchise being pushed to their limit as singers. This goes double for any song written to be performed by Jeff. Fans are divided on whether or not Jeff is actually good at hitting those high notes.
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  • Written by Cast Member: Started in Team Starkid as an actor in Holy Musical B@man! and Twisted!, wrote the songs for The Trail to Oregon! while playing the lead, and as of the beginning of the Hatchetfield series with The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals has become the troupe's permanent songwriter.


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