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Jean Johnson is an American fantasy/romance and science fiction author. Her work includes the 5-part Military Science Fiction Theirs Not to Reason Why series and its prequel trilogy First Salik War, the 8-part Heroic Fantasy-meets-Romance Novel series Sons of Destiny, the also 8-part Guardians of Destiny, and a number of stand-alone Paranormal Romance novels.

Works by Jean Johnson with their own trope pages include:


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  • Shown Their Work: If something in her books seems like it could plausibly exist in real life then it probably does.
    • She spent quite a bit of time researching aquaculture in order to create accurate Lifesupport bays on the spaceships of the Theirs Not to Reason Why series and went out of her way to make sure the military was portrayed as realisitically as possible.
  • Love Interests: Every hero(ine) has one. Johnson firmly believes that romance is part of life, so it even gets a few small mentions in the otherwise Serious Business Theirs Not to Reason Why.

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