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Janet "Jan" Chappell (born 7 June 1945) is an English actress, best knowing for playing the telepathic alien Cally in Blake's 7 from 1978-80. She has reprised her role in Blake's 7 audio dramas for Big Finish Productions from 2012 onwards.

Other roles include Captain Lisa Deranne in the Doctor Who Expanded Universe Direct to Video release Shakedown: The Return of the Sontarans, which reunited her with her Blake's 7 costar Brian Croucher.

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Audio Play

  • Big Finish Blake's 7:
    • From B7 Productions: The Early Years: "Blood & Earth" (2010) — Cally
    • From Big Finish:
      • The Liberator Chronicles: 10 storiesshow list  (2013-16) — Cally
    • The Classic Audio Adventures: 35 storiesshow list  (2013-20) — Cally
    • The Worlds of Blake's 7: 4 releasesshow list  (2021-22) — Cally