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James P. Hogan (27 June 1941 12 July 2010) was a British science-fiction writer. His first book, Inherit the Stars, was written on a bet: he complained about the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey so often that his coworkers told him to write something better, and bet him he couldn't get it published.

His works (especially his early works) tend toward relatively hard science, with minor expansions to scientific laws. Notably, his first book is entirely about scientific research. However, his later works tended to overshadow this with Filibuster Freefall - the original Trope Namer, "The Brain Eater", was a term used by James Nicoll to refer to the problems with later works by Hogan, among others.

His works include:

Manga comics based on some of his works were made:

  • Hoshi O Tsugu Mono - adaptation of Inherit The Stars.
  • Mirai kara no Hotline - adaptation of Thrice Upon a Time.
  • Mirai no Futatsu no Kao - adaptation of The Two Faces of Tomorrow, translated back to English by Dark Horse Comics.

His works provides examples of:

  • Filibuster Freefall: His later works; as noted above, he was one of the original people described by the former Trope Namer, "The Brain Eater". In particular, his later works tended toward AIDS denialism, Velikovskyist catastrophism, and distrust of science.
  • Let's See YOU Do Better!: How he got his start, as described above.