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Jack Renard is an American voice actor, designer, and film maker. He is a principal voice actor and animator for the entertainment group Broad Spectrum Studios, with whom he achieved popularity as the voice of Solid Snake (among others) in their series of Hiimdaisy Metal Gear comic dubs. His solo channel features an emphasis on voiceovers, gaming, and music.

Jack Renard is known for:

  • Talking to Himself: Renard voices so many characters in Broad Spectrum Studios dubs that it's hard NOT to hear him talking to himself. As in the case of any conversation between Solid/Liquid/Solidus Snake, Raiden, or Revolver Ocelot in the Metal Gear dubs.
    • A more recent example is his dub of a WildStar comic wherein he voices four separate characters talking to each other. To be fair, digital modulation helps distinguish the voices quite a bit.
  • Vocal Evolution: Over the 10 months spent dubbing the original Hiimdaisy Metal Gear comics, Renard refined his rendition of Snake considerably. Listen to the difference between the first time he voiced him and the last.

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