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Insert Name Here is a video game developer, and also a writer of The Cult of the Great Duckieness.

The Cult of the Great Duckieness was originally inspired (partially) by his actions in late summer of 2012. Basically, there was a word association game on the Game Maker Community known as "You must not say Duck" (or 'Politician' during a brief name change). You can easily imagine what everyone did. This prompted him to refer to it (and other random overused commands/responses in forum games of that time) as spam. Well he actually didn't because he had a brain freeze and referred to them as a 'cult'. One thing led to another, and the creator of the forum game made a topic. It went on from there. Insert Name Here is currently working on a game based based off it, but considering the snails pace he goes, it'll probably never be done.


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