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"Hello everyone, this is Houdini Jr 100

Houdini Jr 100 is a You Tuber who came around in 2010. He specializes in Let's Plays, comic dubs, and character impressions. He may seem a bit critical on how he views people's comments on him, but usually tries to strive far. Sometimes throwing out tributes and Public Service Announcements into the mix.

Houdini Jr 100 Provides Examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: his Let's Play of Megaman X4 has reached a time of purgatory due to his attempt at back-tracking for his remaining sub tanks and heart capsules,
    • Wordof God says that he will forget the backtracking and attempt to finish it this summer.
  • And I Must Scream: his reaction when he sees the groom boss from castle crashers walk right back into his organ after he and akamia land the finishing blow. Thinking his hard driv would corrupt and would haunt him.
    • Somewhat true by the finale with the recyclops and groom boss fight, though he only says he'd haunt them.
    • Wordof God says he's planning a creepypasta story based on this glitch.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different: Houdini has 3 videos uploaded of his entire school (as per in 8th grade) shaving off the hair of one of his teachers, as part of a bet of a fund raiser to reach $500 dollars to shave said teacher's head.
    • This is in similar vein with videos from both Kawa-Kon and sonic boom 2013, being iMovie slideshows of pictures he's gotten, as well as videos (incase of the crush 40 concert).
  • Berserk Button: Easily gets enraged over confusion of Castle Crashers, a game he plays often off-camera, being an Indie-Game.
    • Wordof God: says it isn't according to the Tropes page of the game in question, and that there are others who agree with him.
  • Curtains Match the Window:Albeit unmentioned, his knight and animal orb Pazzo can be described as this
  • Fan Boy: Absolutely Adores BrainScratch Commentaries, as far as so far making two tributes (one actually doubling as an art sequence for a project he is working on involving the comms group, as well as his Power Trio between him,his friend Akamia,and Akamia's brother Church/Agent J
    Houdini: If you haven't heard of them, SUBSCRIBE TO THEM.
  • Glass Cannon: How he is Typically viewed in Akamia's Castle Crashers Let's Play
    • Averted by the finale and Insane Mode run
  • Old Shame: How Houdini views some of his old impression videos.
  • Power Trio: How he views himself with friends Akamia and Agent J
  • Put on a Bus: Megaman X4 and sonic 3 and 4's emerald run, Houdini claims he plans a restart on them soon enough
  • Tooka Levelin Badass: More like 32, by the finale of castle crashers, from glass cannon to the crit-dealing magic drill tank, with a pet fox that likes pointing out the obvious.
    • Wordof God states he grinded those levels all week off-camera in preparation; the preparation was well worth it.

"I am throned the king of camels!"

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