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Hitoshi Sakimoto (born February 26, 1969) is the head of Basiscape, a group of Japanese video game composers co-founded by Masaharu Iwata and Manabu Namiki. He has a strong partnership with Masaharu Iwata, working together since their very first game soundtrack for the doujin PC-88 game Revolter. Other frequent collaborators are: Hayato Matsuo, Ayako Saso, Shinji Hosoe, Hiroto Saitoh, and Takayuki Aihara.

He frequently works with Yasumi Matsuno (currently at Level-5), indie game publisher Atlus, and the development team for the Valkyria Chronicles series. He has a very distinctive style that could best be described as "as grandiose and epic as humans are able to bear."

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List of works containing Sakimoto's music:

As lead composer or with Masaharu Iwata:

Remixes / "arrange" / unused / location test songs: