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Hitoshi Iwaaki (born July 28, 1960) is a Japanese manga writer and artist. He is best known for his psychological science fiction and historical fiction stories.

Works with pages on this wiki:

  • Kiseijuu, released in English as Parasyte (1988-1995) - Mysterious worms invade human hosts, taking over their bodies and killing other humans for food. An Ordinary High-School Student named Shinichi isn't completely turned, with a parasite only taking over his right arm and hand. They form a bond as he tries to investigate and fight the other parasites.
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  • Historie (2004 - ongoing) - Set in the time of Alexander the Great, the story follows Eumenes of Cardia who witnesses his rise to power.

Some of his other works:

  • Fuuko no Iru Mise (1986-1988) - a slice of life series about a girl working at a cafe.
  • Neo Devilman (1999, contributor) - an anthology series featuring the characters and world created by Go Nagai.
  • Heureka (2002) - A drama set around the Roman siege of Syracuse, where a young man mentored by Archimedes finds love and tragedy.
  • Reiri (2015 - ongoing)


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