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Hector Railway is a writer, artist, blogger and youtuber who has been creating content on the internet since 2003. By 2011, he had over 40 videoes, 12 completed stories and a large gallery of concept artwork. In 2014, he deleted almost all of his content in a "fit of artistic integrity", with promise it would be re-uploaded with a higher quality than before.

His works with their own pages are:

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     His Fan Fiction Works Without their Own Pages 

Freakazoid vs. Troll

A Freakazoid! Fanfic. A mysterious troll has slowly been taking over the internet. It's been almost twenty years since Dexter Douglas let the freak out, but with the threat of global communication being lost forever, Freakzoid must stop the Troll before the end of the world as we know it.


  • Ax-Crazy: Freakazoid has become dangerously crazy in recent years, until he and Dexter achieve mental harmony.
  • Darker and Edgier: Notably darker than the source material. It focuses on themes such as insanity, false identities, gang violence, urban decay, and radical religion.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: Roddy Mc Stew was the Troll, and has been long before Dexter became Freakazoid. He was trapped in the internet for so long, and decided to kill himself by crashing the internet, knowing full well it would cause a global catastrophe.
  • End of an Era: The fic deals with Dexter and Freakazoid dealing with the knowledge that their time as superheroes has long since past, and the world has changed.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Freakazoid's physique is still regarded as top quality, and he attracts a number of male fans when he makes a comeback.
  • Legion of Doom: The Lobe, Cave Guy, Cobra Queen, Long Horn, Candle Jack and Armando Guitierrez form one serving under the Troll.
  • Love Triangle: Dexter/Freakazoid, Jill and Valerie, after Steff dies.
  • Ride the Lightning: The power that made Freakazoid famous. It's his main ability, that he uses as both transport and attack.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Steff is murdered by a gang of looters, which is what finally makes Dexter and Freakazoid decide to do something about the troll.

The Last Empire

A Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic. It details the disappearance of Britain due to UKIP, and the rest of the world's subsequent reaction.


Finding Mrs. Claus

An Arthur Christmas fanfic. It's been 9 years since becoming Santa Claus, and Arthur's starts to feel really blue. His mother tells him it's almost time for him to find a Mrs. Claus. Meanwhile, Bryony is undergoing strange changes that she's hoping to hide from the rest of the elves. What could these two events mean?


  • Body Horror: Bryony undergoes this from her own perspective. From the reader's perspective, she's simply turning into a human.
  • Can't Argue with Elves: The elves are notoriously hard to calm down when panicked, and will get riled if anything deviates from the events that have been repeating themselves for centuries.
  • Fantastic Caste System: The elves are strictly wedded to their caste system, which is based on what they do at Santa's workshop. So far, all of the Mrs. Clauses have been from the Toy-Maker caste, so Bryony being from the Wrapping caste causes such an upset.
  • Our Elves Are Different: They come in two "Ethnicitys". Polar Elves are the cute, dwarfish elves that serve Santa and Forest Elves are tall, handsome, tolkien-esque Elves.

Dog Star Patrol: Emerald Mutts

A Krypto the Superdog fanfic.


Super Duper Sumos: They Got Guts

A Super Duper Sumos fanfic. A humorous take on at the Crime-Fighting-Highschool genre, lampooning the logical extremes of giant Kaiju fighting, all while cracking jokes.


  • Adaptational Attractiveness: The Sumos have a "Civvie Mode", in which they are shorter and very trim. Their "Sumo Mode" causes them to bulk out heavily, and their "Sumo Size" even moreso.
  • All Amazons Want Hercules: Shemo is the most powerful Sumo, but the Nicky Wicky Ninja mops the floor with her. When it's revealed to be her best friend Rocky, she's smitten.
  • Elemental Powers: The Four Sumos plus The Nicky Wicky Ninja have the power of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal.
  • Evil Counterpart: The Nicky Wicky Ninja functions as this to the Sumos until he commits his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Evil, Inc.: Bad Inc, natch.
  • Five-Token Band: Mamoo is Afro-Carribean, Kimo and Shemo are Japanese, and Boomer is white. Adding Prima, and eventually Rocky, Prima fulfills the Mexican slot, and Rocky fills the white handicapped.
  • Handicapped Badass: Rocky is caught in the demolition of the highschool and when dug out of the rubble, is told he'd never walk again. He then goes on to become the Nicky Wicky Ninja.
  • Highschool AU: This incarnation of the sumos are as highschool students.
  • Kaiju All four of the monsters in all four episodes qualify, with two of them being Giant Flyers, one of them being a dinosaur, and the final one being a Genius Loci.

     His Original Works Without their Own Pages 

Jefferson Starship

The Year is 3043. Four cyborgs scavenge the crumbled ruins of humanity, which vanished a hundred years ago. They're being hunted. By a ravenous pack of unkillable monsters in their quest to survive. Tales of a safe haven on the moon crop up, and the four uncover the true reason for humanity's disappearance.


  • After the End: The work takes some time after humanity has gone extinct.
  • Cyborg: Each one of the four is a cyborg in some way. Pete has robotic eyes, a chest-plate and metallic hand, Stuart has a glass skullcap revealing his brain, a cylon-visor and a robotic arm, Rosie is a head in a jar, and Toby has two robotic arms.
  • Token White: Toby is Welsh, and the only white member of the group.


Carol was an average girl going through a rough patch. Having moved from Sunny California to dank and rainy Walton-on-the-Naze, England. To top that off, she's developed a bit of an eating disorder. When she eats a radioactive cake and develops super-powers, she sees a perfect chance to turn her life around.


  • Elemental Powers: Every single Enerjack has an elemental power aside from Carol.
    • An Ice Person: Byron has the ability to create sheets of ice and ice spires, and freeze people in icy hunks.
    • Time Master: Roger has the ability to travel through time, open time portals, freeze, slow and speed up time, age and restore things, and replay past events through holograms.
    • Electric Black Guy: LeVern can shoot lightning from his hands and mouth, drain electrical energy, cause blackouts, and charge phones.
    • Gravity Master: Spud can make things heavier, lighter, change the pull between two points, open small black holes, create objects out of pressure, and has limited telekinesis.
    • Light The Way: Elmo, who can create blinding flashes and solid objects out of light.
    • Casting a Shadow: Dippy.
    • Slime, Snails, and Mutant Tails: "Gorgeous" George Jeffers.
    • Extra-ore-dinary: The Metal Minister
  • Flying Brick: Carol gets the standard Superman-esque powerset.

The Big Cheese

Vince Keegan, a private detective who plays by his own rules. Maria Noveli, an Interpol agent who's fresh on the field and a by-the-book atitude. Chances are these two would never meet, until they're placed on the same case to track down a monster. A monster made entirely of cheese.



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