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Hank and Jed Movie Pictures are the creators of several comedy series on YouTube, most of which involve gaming.

Series by Hank and Jed include

  • Doraleous & Associates - An animated comedy in a fantasy setting, about an upstart group of heroes for hire who spend as much time bickering as they do fighting evil.
  • Battlefield Friends - Animated series set in Battlefield 3 (and later, 4) about a squad of gamers and the noob player who constantly screws up their matches.
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  • Mob Squad - Animated series set in Minecraft, about a group of friends who must deal with a strange, new monster in the forest.
  • Battleloggers - Battlefield gameplay videos continuing the adventures of the Battlefield Friends. Usually involve the Noob inventing new ways to troll people.
  • Game Idiot - The one member of the crew who doesn't play video games is forced to play them with no prior knowledge, while the others sit around him and laugh.

Spinning off from the Battlefield videos is Neebs Gaming, in which the Noob seeks Youtube stardom.


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