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Where gaming memories are made
Halfbrick Studios is a video game development studio based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The company was founded in 2001 and in its earlier years mostly worked on Licensed Games for handheld systems (primarily based on Nickelodeon properties for THQ) and outsourcing for other studios. In 2009 it refocused its development efforts on producing games for Xbox Live Arcade and other online services based on original concepts, many of which originate in regularly held company-wide brainstorming sessions. The company has adopted a unified Game Engine to facilitate Multi-Platform development.

In 2010, the company decided to create some simple but addictive games for iPhone. Their first such project, Fruit Ninja, became a Breakthrough Hit that made them Australia's most successful company in the video game industry, a position further solidified by the success of Jetpack Joyride next year. Since then, Halfbrick shifted most of its development towards mobile games, while also opening offices in other countries, including Spain and Bulgaria.

Not everything was going smooth, however. The company struggled to follow up on their success and had made a role of game designer redundant by 2015 in order to allow anyone on the team to contribute to their projects. In an attempt to restructure in 2018, the company laid off over half of it's staff, leaving their Brisbane headquarters at around 30 people. The move also coincided with GDPR being set in stone, which forced Halfbrick to delist much of its back catalog. The company had started working away from creating new IPs to expand on their already existing ones with sequels and Crossovers.

In 2023, Halfbrick announced Halfbrick+, a free service that brought back many of their classic titles with no ads and in-app purchases, while also allowing to playtest new games they have been working on.

Video games developed by Halfbrick (Halfbrick+ prototypes marked with *):