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Michel Régnier (5 May 1931 – 29 October 1999), better known as Greg, was one of the most important figures of the Franco-Belgian Comics post-war industry. Mainly known for his series Achille Talon, he actually wrote dozens. Literally: the (undenied) legend says that, as editor-in-chief of Tintin Magazine, he was sometimes writing for seventeen different series at the same time.

Greg had three lives and could do everything and write every genre for every coauthor. He wrote great and intelligent stories as varied as Spirou for Franquin, Comanche for Hermann or Luc Orient, a "Flash Gordon-like" with Eddy Paape. He was also an accomplished artist, writing and drawing the comic Achille Talon.


He had a real flair to detect young talents, who were sometimes very inspired by his style, as Turk, de Groot or Dupa.

In the early '80s, living in the United States, he wrote for TV Shows The Love Boat and Perry Mason.


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