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"What goes to make a rose, ma'am, is breeding..."

Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson, CBE (29 September 1904 — 6 April 1996) was a London-born actress popular from the 1940s through the 1960s. Her red-gold hair, delicate complexion, and twinkling hazel eyes marked her out as both a high-toned English lady and an approachable girl-next-door type.

After having played supporting roles in classical plays in the very earliest days of television (circa 1937), Garson was cast by MGM in the leading part of Kathie in Goodbye, Mr. Chips. She sparkled as Elizabeth Bennet opposite Laurence Olivier's Mr. Darcy in MGM's production of Pride and Prejudice, but perhaps her best-remembered part is as the dauntless English lady facing the Nazi Blitz in Mrs. Miniver, a part she would reprise eight years later. (Garson, in her early 40's, created a minor scandal at the height of her career, by marrying the much younger actor who played her son in Mrs. Miniver!) She played Caesar's wife, Calpurnia, in the well-regarded Joseph Mankiewicz production of Julius Caesar, and ended her film career as the aristocratic "Mother" in Disney's The Happiest Millionaire.


In 1968, she added a touch of distinction to the beloved Christmas Special The Little Drummer Boy as 'Our Story Teller', an office which she would undertake again in 1976's The Little Drummer Boy: Book II.

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