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Grayhaven Comics is an independent comic book company founded in 2009, designed to give new writers and artists a chance to get their first published comic book work. The company is best known for its ongoing anthology series, The Gathering. Three volumes have currently been released (Hope, Despair and Heroes) with four more (Horror, Romance, Horror II and Myth) slated for the rest of 2011. In summer 2011, Editor in Chief Andrew Goletz unveiled an ambitious publishing schedule for 2012, with 20 books slated for release.


Grayhaven Comics' Web site is also home to a quartet of weekly webcomics:

  • Kid Robo, a family-friendly sci-fi adventure involving a scientist, his robot son and a talking giraffe driver who battle an array of offbeat villains, by Marc Deschamps and Chris Chamberlain
  • Decompressionism, a dialogue-driven slice-of-life dramedy by John Coker
  • Daring Speculative Fiction: Stories from the Outer Frontier, a sci-fi anthology by Matthew Brown
  • Aoi Sayonara, a wordless surrealist tale involving a girl lost in an offbeat world, by Kent Holle

A new set of short-run webcomics will be debuting in October, along with Grayhaven Comics' first stand-alone miniseries, "Ever After" by Matt O'Keefe and Lee Giles.

The Gathering has featured guest stories from famous comic book creators including Gail Simone, Brian James Koschak, Glenn Greenberg and Sterling Gates.


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