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Creator / Glitch Productions
aka: Supermarioglitchy 4

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Making fun colorful animated shows with occasional murder
- The studio's current description on social media

Glitch Productions is an Australia-based animation studio specializing in animated web shows.

Glitch was originally founded as Glitchy Boy in 2017 by brothers Kevin and Luke "SMG4" Lerdwichagul, best known as the team behind Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers, to represent their channels as a company. However, Glitchy Boy would truly pick up speed in 2018, when it got renamed to Glitch and not only launched both an SMG4 merch line and the short-lived martial arts showcase Hitbox, but announced a full 3D-animated series: Meta Runner, which launched the following year on the SMG4 channel to much success.

Glitch moved up further into prominence in August 2020, when they launched a new standalone channel separate from the main SMG4 channel, not only becoming the new home for Meta Runner, but more new shows and shorts.

Selected works:

Alternative Title(s): Luke Lerdwichagul, Supermarioglitchy 4