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George Knight is a Gloucestershire author, and a long-time enthusiast, as he says, for The Middle Ages, Central Asia and the Silk Road, Rudyard Kipling, books old and new, lightly worn learning, Chinese tea, classical music (especially Bach, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Mozart and Beethoven), BBC Radio 4, cookery (although more with enthusiasm than skill) and Islay single malt whisky.

It shows.

Influenced by the ghost stories of M. R. James, he has never quite recovered from the effect of first reading the Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories and the work of Jorge Luis Borges.

Word of God has it that he'd love to be able to move to Italy and write in the sunshine, like Ernest Hemingway. As matters stand, he confines himself, evidently, to haunting the UK: literally so, as a writer of Ghost Fiction in the English manner.

He is the author of The Wreck Of The Lodewijk, a collection of four very British ghost stories, the tropes to which are listed on that page.