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Free Will Records is a Visual Kei label founded in 1986 by ex-COLOR vocalist Hiroshi "Dynamite Tommy" Tomioka. Originally somehow signed/affiliated with Extasy Records, he almost immediately decided to split off from that label and begin his own - which arguably became far more influential to Visual Kei, especially as it grew as a style and scene.

Most of the early bands signed to Free Will Records have been lost to history (though they included Bellzlleb, COLOR, Kamaitachi, and Gilles De Rais), but the label is currently the most active in Visual Kei, hosting a very wide range of modern Visual Kei artists - almost any Visual Kei band active in Japan as of The '90s, Turn of the Millennium, and The New '10s that is not indies is in some way signed to Free Will Records. For example, Bi S, By Sexual, and Rentrer En Soi were all signed to Free Will.

Among the bands that the label currently boasts under some subsidiary or another are Dir en grey, The Gazette, Alice Nine, SCREW, Su G, Merry, Vivid, and Born.

Miyavi was originally signed to the label under its 'Peace and Smile Company' sub-label before he went solo and made his own label. Free Will has many similar subdivisions and labels, probably the most famous being FIREWALL DIV., sun-krad, and Media Factory (the first for for Dir en grey's Japanese ventures and the latter two for their vocalist Kyo's solo work.)