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Francisco Andrés Valdivia, also known as Paco Valdivia, is a Spanish actor and voice actor. A significant veteran of the business, he has been in the Spanish dubbing scene since the 1980s, alternating with a occasional career as secondary actor in TV series and films. He is more known, however, for his contributions to the anime in Spain: he was there to lend his voice to some of the first Japanese series which reached the country, and later became an usual member of Arait Multimedia's voice cast, exploding to public recognization by playing many, many of the villains of Digimon Adventure, and later other characters in One Piece.


Valdivia is known for his weirdly shrill inflection and his tendency to ham up loudly, although he has proven to have much more somber voice tones, as well as a great skill to voice multiple and very divergent characters. For those traits, he is prone to play villains and comedic characters, when not comedic villains outright. He has voiced Kenichi Ogata characters very often.

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