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Fiondil is the handle of Arthur Boccaccio, at Stories of Arda. He was a very prolific author in the Tolkien Legendarium, writing works crossing nearly all the Professor's writings. His pen name means "Fionwe's friend" (a more literal reading would suggest "hawk-friend") in Quenya.

Since he began publishing on Stories of Arda in 2006, he has written several fanfics that should not be missed. Most concern Glorfindel and/or the Valar and Maiar, but he has written several tales concerning the Third Age of Arda (including a few short pieces set during the War of the Ring). "Elf Academy", a semi-AU sequel to his "Elf, Interrupted" tales about Glorfindel and Finrod, is set during the present day and shows Elves who never Sailed (some canon, some OC's), interacting with Mortal Men in a modern-day society.


The third installment of his "Elf Academy" series was left unfinished when he Died During Production in January 2015, but Stories of Arda has the remainder of the story, and his beta readers will try to salvage what there is of the fourth installment, already sixty-plus chapters, if they can do so.

His work contains examples of these tropes:

  • Alternate Universe Fic - Occasionally. Mostly he's a stickler for "as close to canon as possible", but he did write a story for the "Feanor has six sons and a daughter" challenge. Oh, and it's brilliant.
  • Back Story - Especially for Glorfindel and Finrod in Aman after their Rebirth, and before the former's return to Middle-earth.
  • Costume Porn - Fiondil's works are full of detail about what everyone, particularly Elves and the Valar, are wearing.
  • Fan Verse - All his works either belong to the same continuity, or closely related ones.
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  • Food Porn - Fiondil is just as fond of describing feasts and their contents, and the cooking thereof, as what characters are wearing.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters - Chiefly the Valar, their numerous Maiar, and many, many Elves, including:
  • Original Character - LOTS. All well rounded and fleshed out, even those meant to stay in the background, which have a way of surprising the reader (and Fiondil himself, actually) by proving their importance later.

His works, set exclusively in Tolkien's Legendarium, include:

  • His "Biblical tales", one-shots and short tales involving Maiar witnessing/participating in Biblical events.

  • "Tales of Mandos", loosely connected one-shots about our favorite characters interacting with his favorite Vala.
    • ''Drawing Straight with Crooked Lines'' - Boromir comes to Mandos. "The opening scene is movie-verse, only because it's so dramatic and Sean Bean does such a great job with this scene."
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    • ''Lord Námo's Yule Gift'' - Because even the Lord of Mandos can use some holiday cheer at times and who better to give it than a couple of hobbits. A special Yule gift to all my friends at Stories of Arda. WARNING 1: Character deaths (though you wouldn’t know it to look at them). WARNING 2: This story was written with tongue firmly in cheek... and I take no prisoners! MEFA 2007: 2nd Place: Humor (General).
    • ''Safe In My Arms'' - Faramir comes to Mandos. A companion piece to "Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines" and "Lord Námo's Yule Gift". Happy New Year! MEFA 2007: Honorable Mention: Drama (General).
    • ''Aragorn in Mandos'' - The title says it all. 2007 Valentine's Day gift to Fiondil's friends.
    • ''Somewhere I Have Never Traveled'' Arwen comes to Mandos. Her reception, however, is not what she expected. A New Year's gift to all. Rating due to mild language and character death. Thanks always to Alassiel for the beta-read. MPA 2007: 2nd Place: Best Arwen Death Story; MEFA 2008: Honorable Mention: Fourth Age and Beyond (General).
    • ''Parting Gifts'' Follows on from Somewhere I Have Never Traveled.
    • ''Playing Chess With Lord Námo'' and its sequel ''Ab 'Urth'' belong to this list too - in a manner of speaking.

  • ''Tâd Edhel a Firion'' Traveling with Elves may prove hazardous to one's health, as Estel is about to find out, especially when one of those Elves is your adar! Mellon Chronicles 2007: 1st Place: Best Elrond-Estel Story
    • ''Elladan and Elrohir's Not So Excellent Adventure'' For those who enjoyed my story "Tâd Edhel a Firion" comes another tale in a similar vein detailing Elladan's and Elrohir's first solo foray across the Misty Mountains. Rating is due to some intense scenes and mild profanity. Thanks goes to Alassiel for the beta-reading. MEFA 2007: 2nd Place: Elves (General).
    • ''Erestor in the Dock'' For those who wanted to know what happened to Erestor. A companion piece to "Elladan and Elrohir's Not So Excellent Adventure". Thanks again go to Alassiel for the beta.
  • ''Stirrings of Shadow'' A sequel to Tâd Edhel a Firion in which Aragorn, as Thorongil, journeys to the court of Edoras to take service with Thengel King. PLEASE NOTE: this story is not written in the same vein as the earlier story. It is much more serious, although there is still humor. Thanks to Alassiel, as always, for the beta-read. MEFA 2007: 1st Place: Adventure (Incomplete).

  • ''The Wars of the Valar'' the creation (and defense) of the Universe and especially Earth
  • ''Once Upon A Blizzard'' As a blizzard rages, a tale is told. Beta by Alassiel with my thanks. Second Place in the Teitho Contest ‘Once Upon A Time’.

  • The epic tale of Glorfindel and Finrod (and many others), ''Elf, Interrupted'' 1 and 2
    • ''The Findarato Diaries'' , its companion tale
    • ''In Darkness Bound'', prequel to the above tales
    • ''A Long-Expected Wedding'', Finrod and Amarie's wedding.
    • ''In The High King's Secret Service'', which takes place before In Darkness Bound and all the rest of the Elf, Interrupted stories.
    • ''The Last Messenger: A Tale of Númenor'', Twenty-four years before the Downfall, Isildur lies near death after stealing a seed of the White Tree, Nimloth, and the Valar have sent a lone elf to the island on one final mission, a mission that may very well cost him his life. Features Laurendil from Elf, Interrupted. Thanks to Alassiel as always for the beta. MEFA 2008: Honorable Mention: Second and Early Third Age(General).
    • ''The Other Balrog-Slayer'' Most of the songs sung about the Fall of Gondolin revolve around Glorfindel, but there was another who fought a Balrog that night and paid the ultimate price. A story for Veteran's Day and dedicated to all the nameless unsung heroes of Arda whose deeds of valor are known only to Eru. Thanks go to Alassiel for the beta-read.
    • ''Estel Chel'' Aragorn is smirking, Legolas is sighing and Glorfindel has a confession to make. A Yule no one in Annúminas will likely forget for some time. Takes place in the Fourth Age. The first of two Naked Yule stories. Rated for adult themes. Thanks to Alassiel for the beta and others for feedback.
    • ''Beginnings'' Shortly after his arrival in Aman, Erestor meets with some surprising figures and is asked to tell a tale of the beginning of a friendship. Thanks to Alassiel for the beta.
    • ''Dinner With Námo and Vairë'', Co-written with Beruthiel’s Cat. Námo and Vairë are hosting a ‘Welcome Home’ party for some late arrivals from Middle-earth and in the course of the evening certain revelations are brought to light. Written for the ‘Explaining Haldir’ challenge at the Leaf and Stone Yahoo Group. Thanks as always to Alassiel for the beta.
    • ''Snowbirds'', Finrod and Vorondil do some bonding while mourning the absence of a dear friend during the Winter Solstice. A Yulefic gift for Rhyselle. Beta by Alassiel as always with my thanks.

''The Journey Home'' links the main Elf, Interrupted / "Valar-verse" to the Elf Academy series, in a manner of speaking.

  • The equally epic sequel (ish), set in the modern day, ''Elf Academy''
    • Elf Academy, Part Deux
    • Elf Academy 3: The Enemy Within (in progress)
    • Elf Academy 4 (speculative title - Fiondil's death means we won't know what it's called until Alassiel and Ellie manage to retrieve it)
    • Christmas At Edhellond: An Elf Academy Tale - a one-shot in this 'verse.

  • ''At Manwë's Feet: Studies in Tolkien's World'' A series of essays covering a wide range of topics concerning Tolkien's Middle-earth. This series will be posted on an infrequent basis as the Muse inspires me. Many thanks to Alassiel for the beta and Ellie for the encouragment. (sic)

Two collections of occasionally related short pieces:

  • ''Fiondil's Tapestry'' A collection of unrelated ficlets and vignettes inspired by the Tolkien Tango prompts found at the Leaf and Stone Yahoo Group. Rating for future stories. Thanks to Alassiel for the beta.
  • ''Tales from Vairë's Loom'' A collection of ficlets, vignettes and short stories inspired primarily by prompts from a variety of different sources. Rating is for later stories. My thanks to Alassiel and Ellie for the beta.

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